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Dear Resident:
Exercise has always been a major element of my life and I want to make it a part of yours! As a Certified Personal Trainer, I love helping others achieve the body they have always dreamed of. My workouts are tailored to each client; it will challenge and help you reach your goals you once perceived as unattainable.

Many of us are NOT motivated to work out on our own! Why should you have to leave the comfort of your home in order to get a great workout? There are too many reasons not to exercise….too tired, too much to do, etc. The problem is, unless you work out on a consistent basis, you will never get the results you want. Having an in-home personal trainer, is an appointment which eliminates all of the excuses. Having an in-home personal trainer will keep you motivated and get you the results you want in the comfort of your own home.

Not only are your workouts more fun, you will start seeing results in just a few weeks! Most of my clients lose an average of 8-19 lbs per month.  NO MORE EXCUSES! Why should you have to drive to the gym, when you can have the trainer come to you! I will also give you nutritional advisement to optimize your results. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!”

If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over again and not seeing results, call me TODAY for a free trial session! Exclusively for females only…

Your Personal Trainer,


Call 201-675-8225 or email
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Hi, my name is Judy I have been training with Verelda for about three months. I have lost 16 pounds and 4 inches but most importantly I feel great and really have enjoyed training with her. She encourages me and even makes small accomplishments seem like milestones. She is definitely the best trainer I ever had…         Judy-Alpine, NJ                                                                                                                         

My trainer is fabulous! She personally fits each my workouts to my overall goal of losing weight but more importantly to become a healthier person. She is always upbeat and positive even when I slip into my old eating habits. She always comes up with ways to stay on track. So far I have lost 15 lbs and gained a much more toned physic. Each workout is different, for me personally, I need to make it fun and she learned me very quickly and came up with fun ways like boxing that would keep my interest in working out. It’s always something new and exciting my exercise time are fun and never boring and that’s why she will have me as a client for many more years to come……..   Love Tanisha-Teaneck

Best trainer ever! I have to say Verelda is everything I was looking for in a trainer. She is in great shape which is a big motivator for me because it makes me think, “Hey, if I keep this up I will look like her.” My goal was to lose 30lbs and I lost 48 lbs which exceeded my goal!        Anne NJ

She does an excellent job, she earns every penny, she is never late and she works me harder every single time even if I whine a little bit. I am very happy with her services. Thank you for giving me confidence and building my self-esteem…I love my new body.        Sara-Edgewater

My 50th birthday was in a few months and I’m carrying about 40 lbs which made me very depress and self-conscious. After working out with her in just a few months I’ve made huge progress! I feel so great about myself. Hiring Verelda as my trainer was the best investment I’ve made and it’s worth it.                                                                                                                                                                            Heather-Fort Lee

Hi my name Sally and I have been using Verelda for about a month now and I am doing it with a friend. We both have about the same weight lost goals and we are both mom’s with kids. We love her; we have her three mornings a week. It’s a lot of fun because she keeps it exciting, she keeps us interested. She is very good, very energetic, she’s kind, and she’s fun! I have lost 13 already in just one month. It’s very convenient because she comes to our building and works us out in our building gym. Being busy mom’s… it’s so much easier this way! She is always on time, when we had to change it, she has been very accommodating. She’s just great!       Sally-Englewood Cliffs

My name is Martha and I have been using Verelda for several years and the pay back so far has been considerable weight lost and greater energy and strength. I would recommend her to anybody who is living an on the go life style. I’m an actress and don’t particularly want to take the time to go to a traditional gym and go through all that. It works great for me! She is awesome!    Love Martha- Closter

 I originally looked into Verelda’s service because I was getting married and wanted to get in shape for the wedding. Once I took the free consultation with her I know I wanted to train with her. It’s was so convenient to do it right from home that was the only way it was going to fit into my schedule. I have lost weight and inches and have improved on my strength and flexibility. I reached my goal in just 5 months and is just maintaining at this point. Even though I can handle it from here I still keep her as my trainer. There is no other like her!       Emily-Rutherford 

Verelda is truly an excellent trainer, best Trainer I ever had! I trained with 7 different trainers and she is by far the best! Love her dearly….         Rain- Lyndhurst


She is awesome! After a few months with her I can walk up a flight of stairs which wasn’t able to do before and I am 67 years old. Karen Fort Lee